Sustainable building techniques, sometimes referred to as green building techniques, are (of course) used in these communities. They include things like:

  • Using locally sourced materials, which cuts down on the cost of shipping

  • Utilizing energy-efficient appliances

  • Designing living spaces which take advantage of the sun's powerful heat and light

  • Incorporating as many recycled and/or non-toxic materials as possible
Popular energy sources for these homes are sustainable in nature. They include water power, wind power, solar power and geothermal energy. All of these sources are captured in a way that the surrounding environment remains undamaged.

As you can probably guess, these communities grow most of their own food organically. Absolutely no pesticides are used, as these can cause illness and damage the land. People who practice sustainable living are generally healthier, because of their dietary choices.

In addition, more and more of these communities are starting to recycle their own waste materials as well. A portion is eventually used as compost, which enhances the richness of garden soil and yields bigger crops.


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